Everitt Enterprises Team

Leon Everitt


Leon has been with the company approx. 45 years, when he joined his father John when he was 16, Leon has been very innovative in the way he has developed the business. He is now taking a step back from the attention and is handing the daily management of the company to his sons Sean and Richard.

Sean Everitt

Trading ManagerSean

Sean has worked for the company on and off for approx. 13 years, he learned his trade of truck driving in the company before leaving to pursue bigger and better trucks. He took up the trading manager's position with the company when the opportunity arose and although he has taken to the position brilliantly he sometimes still yearns for the freedom of the open road.

Richard Everitt

Operations ManagerRichard

Richard started with the company when he left school at 16, sweeping the yard and doing the 'boy' jobs, in his time he has done every job in the business and has been involved in all the major developments, this has given him a good basis of knowledge on all aspects of how the company turns potential rubbish into a valuable recyclable material.

Vikki Hewson

Scrap Supply Co-CoordinatorVikki

Vikki is a loyal and extremely hard working member of the Everitt Enterprises team; she is responsible for the cheery voice on the phone and the smiling cash in hand face that our scrap metal suppliers deal with on a daily basis. She has been with Everitts for the past 9 years and hopefully many more to come.

Kerrod Hinton

Head BuyerKerrod

Kerrod started with Everitts 2 and half years ago and he has proven himself time and time again, he is always going the extra mile for the company, but more importantly for every person that comes through the gate to sell their scrap material.