Scrap Man

Cash For Scrap Man

First Name:Cash For
Last name:Scrap Man
Weight:250kg (with armor)
Abilities:slightly stronger than average, able to give cash - but only for scrap
Likes:recycling scrap, giving money for scrap, scrappy, facebook campaigns, metal underwear, toast
Dislikes:pollution, polluters

Nobody is really sure where Cash For Scrap Man came from but as long as anyone can remember he has been collecting scrap and trying to stop pollution. There is nothing he and his sidekick Scrappy love more than giving away their hard earned cash for scrap metal. CFSM wears a metal suit just because he thinks it looks cool. His hobbies include weighing scrap, buying scrap, collecting scrap, building things out of scrap and running around dressed like a superhero.

Scrappy is 4 years old, he was created by accident when cash for scrap man was trying to fix his toaster, CFSM accidently turned his toaster into a talking robot who became his sidekick and ironically is now unable to make toast. Scrappy also likes to buy scrap, and one day hopes to build himself a proper set of legs.

Scrappy Peeking